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Tentacle Trap Tentacle Trap 2 Tentacle Trap 2 Motobug Motobug 2 Chief Motobug Grounder Grounder 2 Chief Grounder Buzz Bomber Buzzbomber 2 Chief Buzzbomber Bokun Decoe Bocoe


Security Door Security Door EggBox Container


Telsa Sophie Tai-Li

Zone 0 : The Cell

Players will start play in a cell aboard the EGG Argonaut. The chosen character will start off standing in the middle of the room, while those not selected will be in various locations about the room clearly under the influence of the pink cloud. The chosen characters will typically comment on this, with their personalities determining exactly what they say.

Exiting the cell is as simple as destroying the large door on the right side of the screen with repeated attacks.

Zone 1 : Storage Corridors

EA Main

Once you break out of the cell, you'll be deposited in the corridors. This is where you'll start facing off against enemies that can actually grapple you and thus cause damage.

This stage is mostly a straight-forward fight, though there is one gap you have to jump over which will cost you a life if you fail.

Enemy Groups

GrounderGrounderGrounderGrounder 2

GrounderGrounderGrounderGrounderGrounder 2MotobugMotobug

GrounderMotobugBuzz BomberBuzz Bomber

GrounderGrounderMotobugMotobugMotobug 2

GrounderGrounderGrounder 2Grounder 2

Grounder 2MotobugMotobugMotobug 2Motobug 2Buzz BomberBuzz Bomber

Grounder 2Grounder 2MotobugMotobugTentacle Trap 2Tentacle Trap 2

Zone ??? : Storage Room

EA SR Main

This secret zone is scattered with supply crates containing a variety of useful items.

A wave of enemies will confront the player and must all be defeated for the Chaos Emerald to be collected.

There is also a character that needs rescued.

For more information see the Secret Zones page.

Zone 2 : Argonaut Hangars

EA AH Main







Boss Zone : Argonaut Control Room

The Player's first boss encounter is with Dr. Robotnik's robotic henchmen; Decoe and Bocoe, as well as his imp-like messenger Bokkun.

The three of them appear particularly influenced by the pink cloud and are very aggressive.

Bokkun is the fastest and most agile whilst the two robots will move slowly toward the player.

The robots make up for their slow movement by having a short break out time when they catch the player and they do moderate damage.