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Sonic Advance 2

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Version 3.5










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Cream the Rabbit (クリーム・ザ・ラビット Kurīmu Za Rabitto) is a peach colored rabbit constantly accompanied by her Chao, Cheese. Their names were based on "cream cheese". Cream is portrayed as being naive because of being brought up like a princess by her mother, Vanilla. She always politely minds her manners but sometimes acts childishly. Cream can achieve flight for short periods of time by flapping with her two large ears. She has a constant companion named Cheese (チーズ Chīzu), a blue chao with a red bow-tie that often attacks on Cream's behalf by ramming into her adversaries.

Cream's first appeared as a playable character in Sonic Advance 2. She returned in Sonic Heroes as part of "Team Rose", working together with Amy Rose and Big the Cat to defeat Metal Sonic, and then again for Sonic Advance 3.

In Project X

Cream was added in Project X 3.5


Cream is a small, humanoid, lop-eared rabbit with cream fur and brown eyes. She has princeton orange markings around her eyes, on her head and at the ends of her ears. She wears a simple Vermilion dress with a white collar and blue cravat, white gloves with gold cufflinks, white undergarment and orange and yellow shoes.

She is always accompanied by Cheese, her companion chao.


Statistically, Cream is the weakest playable character overall. She has above average jump height, speed, and special attack energy, but only average special attack power, and very poor physical attack and health, befitting her youth and small size.


Cream's physical combo is a jab, a hammer strike, a kick, and then a clap attack using her large ears. Her dash attack is a charging headbutt, and her special attack orders Cheese to perform a lightning charge before teleporting back to her side. Her desperation attack has her spin on one foot, extending her ears to strike nearby enemies.


Cream is as cheerful, naive, and innocent as her canonical appearances would suggest. She seems mostly confused about what's happening with the disaster, though she eagerly charges in to help fight. During enemy grapples, she seems the most genuinely confused about what's going on and doesn't seem to fully grasp what's happening, suggesting that the pink cloud has little influence over her mentally or emotionally.